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    地址:山東省濰坊市臨朐縣嵩山路南段西側 805號

    How to realize the processing technology of glass quality re


    Nowadays, the glass has become ubiquitous in daily life. From the glass, glass, table, glass Windows, ashtrays to desktop computer monitor screen, etc., they are all made of glass processing crafts, not only make life more convenient, also improved the qualities of our living.

    A piece of glass, the original without polishing processing, at best just a random structure of amorphous solids. In the process of morphing into a glass handicraft, need molten glass first, by mould processing into a certain shape and size of the glass. Molding of glass products except few directly to conform to the requirements of other pass secondary processing, also is the common cold, hot working and three types of surface treatment technology.

    After secondary processing of glass products, its surface properties, appearance quality and appearance are different degrees of improvement, including glass lubricant. And all industrial processes, under different lubricant, eventually the quality of the finished product are different. So, what kind of glass lubricant, can make glass products quality get a qualitative leap in commonly?

    In the process of glass processing, CONDATGLASS? Lubricant has a high temperature resistant, industrial waste residue minimization and reduce the cost of lubricant characteristics, not only effectively improve the quality of the machining process/product, and also help enterprises to optimize the total production cost, increase profit space.

    In addition, the glass of CONDAT lubricants series also has to "shear injection" and "delivery system" developed by soluble industrial lubricants, lubricants, flat glass optical glass lubricant and coolant optical glass industry, covering all kinds of glass manufacturing process, providing customers with comprehensive services and the level of laboratory. CONDAT (France, founded in 1854, constant innovation in the field of industrial lubricants, developed a series of high quality lubricant performance is stable.

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    MAIL:lqshianboli@126.com      ADDR山東省濰坊市臨朐縣嵩山路南段西側 805號

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