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    地址:山東省濰坊市臨朐縣嵩山路南段西側 805號

    Laser technology to realize flexible manufacturing glass sub


    In the pursuit of light under the trend of electronics, as a key material of glass substrate but also toward the thin goal. Because of the physical properties of hard brittle glass, so how to prevent injury when cutting glass and how to eliminate the edge of the glass defects after cutting, has been the from all walks of life to break through the part.

    Glass cutting is the first working procedure in process of glass deep processing, also is the most used technique. Before we begin this process, some glass to glass glass for grinding and polishing, cutting, edge grinding, drilling, washing drying processing, there are some glass processing, after washing drying and processing technology, then according to the requirement of the use of grinding and polishing, cutting, edge grinding, drilling, washing and so on processing and become the final product.

    Glass after mechanical cutting, be a micro cracks on the edge of the glass, the traditional glass cutting based on wheel cutter machining to direct the size to be split, but round knife cut the biggest problem with the wastage of the cutting tool, especially in the face of high hardness of tempered glass cutting, tool wear and tear is especially serious; In addition, the edge of mechanical cutting way can cause damage, and with more and more thin, substrate thickness cutting when all kinds of cracks caused by the rapid increase, seriously affecting the quality of the cutting process.

    Glass break glass cannot bend feature limits and excellent optical properties to glass, temperature and the stability of geometry size, the glass again filled with strong competitiveness.

    Ultra-thin glass substrates under a few defects and the thickness of ultra-thin still has the properties of glass hard brittle, easy in processing because of the deformation and stress, defects or make has defects of extension, expand, resulting in substrate. Therefore, in the process in the process of transformation, ultra-thin glass flexible substrate must have enough mechanical reliability and impact resistance, and ask the fragment in the process of shifting transmission are less, to ensure the production of manufacturing yield, so how to enhance mechanical strength requirements of ultra-thin glass, ultra-thin glass will be the future real application of the most important key technologies.

    The future application of thin glass will gradually import intelligent handheld products, international each glass companies with panel related industry also actively looking for improve the strength of the glass substrate solution, reduces the chances of glass damage during subsequent application, help to improve the yield.

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