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    What is the characteristics of the glass


    At room temperature is not conductive, conductive after heating

    1, toughened glass. It is a common plate glass after processing and become a kind of pre-stressed glass again. Relative to ordinary flat glass, toughened glass has two characteristics:

    1) the strength of the former is the latter several times, tensile degrees is 3 times more than the latter, 5 shock is the latter

    Or more times.

    2) toughened glass is not easily broken, even if broken will be in the form of particles without acute Angle fracture, for people

    Body damage is reduced greatly.

    2, ground glass. It is also in ordinary plate glass to grind arenaceous processing from above. General ply is in more than 9 mm below for more than 5, 6 mm thickness.

    3, gush arenaceous glass. Performance is basically similar to ground glass, change different grind arenaceous for sand blasting. Because both visually similar, many owners, and even decorate professionals confuse them.

    4, embossed glass. Was made by rolling method is a kind of flat glass. Its biggest characteristic is pervious to light is opaque, much used in the bathroom decorate area, etc.

    5, wired glass. Is the method of rolling, the metal wire or metal mesh embedded in the glass plate made of a kind of shock plate glass, the crash will only be formed when the radial crack without falling. So we adopt strong shocks in high-rise building and workshop.

    6, hollow glass. More connection with glue will maintain a certain interval, two pieces of glass is dry air in the interval, sealing the surrounding with a sealing material, mainly used for sound insulation requirements of decoration engineering.

    7, laminated glass. Generally speaking, two pieces of ordinary plate glass laminated glass (also can be toughened glass or other special glass) and organic glue layer between the glass. When damaged, debris still clung on rubber, avoids the splinters of harm to human body. Used to have more security requirements of decoration project. ]

    8, bulletproof glass. In fact is a kind of laminated glass, is made of glass with high strength of toughened glass, and the number of interlayer is relatively more. In to safety requirements such as in a bank or a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the renovation is very high.

    9, hot bending glass. Soften by plate glass heat forming in the mold, then through annealing of curved glass glass. Decorate in some advanced in frequency is higher and higher, need reservation, no spot.

    10, glass block. The making craft of glass block basic and flat glass, different molding method.

    With the dry air. More used in decorative projects or have insulation requirements of pervious to light of modelling

    In the.

    11, pt. Also known as the glass membrane, with a variety of colors and color. According to the paper film performance is different,

    Have different performance. Most of the heat insulation, infrared, uv protection, explosion-proof, and so on.


    Precisely the kinds of glass can't statistics division, can only as far as possible some common examples

    Most common n0-body but clear glass, white glass), have tempered glass, hollow glass, ice to crack the glass, painting glass, coated glass, carved glass, art glass (water lines, waterfalls, grid lines, etc.), poly (star glass and so on very much

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